Unique, off-the-wall beats and rhymes extracted from the deepest reaches of code within a long-forgotten SNES Cartridge in an alternate dimension.

After closing the doors to his Neferiu Records label in 2013, lyricist and producer Nate (Mantrakid) Schmold took a hiatus from releasing music to focus on family and his career as Game Designer and Studio Manager at a Vancouver Island-based indie game studio. Years went by spent writing music almost exclusively for insane video games but the call of the off-kilter drum proved too enticing to ignore.

Thirsty to write full songs in a fresh style, Nate Schmold reconnected with long-time Audible Intelligence collaborator, battle rap Champion and freshly minted beat-smith Scott (EquAzn) Lee to form Ghost Cartridge: an experimental hip hop & electronic project creating music for video games, dance floors and hyper-zen states.

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[Art by Cutiezor @ HabActive.com]